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Round Cut Rings



Characteristics of Round Cut Rings

Celebrated for its absolute elegance and striking brilliance, the round cut, or round brilliant cut, is the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. Characterized by its symmetrical shape and 58 facets, this cut is engineered to maximize light reflection, resulting in unparalleled sparkle and fire. The round cut's versatility allows it to suit a variety of ring settings, from pared back solitaires to more elaborate designs with additional stones or intricate band detailing. Our discerning and stylish clientele can browse a carefully curated selection of designer round cut engagement rings here at Rottermond.

Popular Designers with Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

It is our pleasure to house bridal jewelry collections by Gabriel & Co., Martin Flyer, and Michael M, each of whom are renowned designers known for their captivating round cut diamond engagement rings.
Gabriel & Co. offers a range of styles, from vintage-inspired to trendy settings, all showcasing the round cut diamond's brilliance. Their craftsmanship emphasizes complex detailing and quality, making each ring a work of art. Martin Flyer's designs, on the other hand, often feature classic and graceful settings, with a focus on highlighting the diamond's natural beauty and sparkle. Michael M is known for their luxurious and sophisticated designs, often merging unique band styles and additional diamond accents to complement the central round cut stone. Each of these designers brings a distinct vision to the classic round cut diamond, offering a variety of choices for those seeking a universal symbol of love.

At Rottermond, additional designers offering beautiful round cut diamond engagement rings include Alpha Lab Grown Diamonds and Hearts On Fire.
Alpha Lab Grown Diamonds specializes in sustainable, lab-grown diamonds, offering round cut rings that are both environmentally conscious and stunning. Their designs combine modern technology with traditional aesthetics. Hearts On Fire, providing what is known as "The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond," offers engagement rings where the round cut diamonds are exceptionally brilliant, shaped by their signature cut that ensures unparalleled light reflection. Each designer provides a unique take on the beloved round cut diamond, appealing to a range of preferences and values.

Discover Round Cut Engagement Rings at Rottermond 

We warmly welcome you to explore the phenomenal elegance of round cut diamond engagement rings at Rottermond, located in both Brighton and Milford, Michigan. Our extraordinary collection features rings from top designers, showcasing the classic beauty and radiant sparkle of the round cut diamond. Whether you're pursuing a traditional or innovative design, our selection offers a ring to suit every aesthetic preferences, lifestyle, and personality. Visit
Rottermond Jewelers to view our stunning range of round cut engagement rings. For those that prefer a totally unique ring, our custom design service allows you to create a personalized, one-of-a-kind piece. For more information or to schedule a personalized consultation, please contact us today. Experience the flawless combination of luxury and craftsmanship at Rottermond Jewelers.