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4 Jewelry Pieces For Everyday Wear

May 20th, 2021

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Everyday jewelry refines and elevates your whole look! Floral fashion rings, shining bangles, classic stud earrings, and chain necklaces are all extremely versatile. This means you can pair them with nearly any outfit on the fly in style. Everyday pieces are further revered for their functionality. It’s never ‘in the way’ or subject to damage based on your lifestyle. As you read through the article, think of some of your favorite outfits and see how each everyday style matches up!

Metal-Forward Fashion Rings

In appearance, a truly everyday fashion ring is mostly metal. Diamonds and other gemstones should only be a part of your everyday jewelry looks in moderation. This is for two reasons. One, excessive sparkle or color can be distracting and pull focus. Second, gems like pearls can be more easily damaged when worn on a ring as opposed to a necklace. We recommend straightforward fashion rings from Gabriel & Co.

Check out the Stackable collection for textured and understated fashion rings. Shop this bubbly beaded gold fashion ring! Embrace the all-metal design, and enjoy a ring that can add a fun dimension to any ring stack while looking perfectly in place alone.

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Shimmering, Sturdy Bangles

Everyday bangles are similar to everyday fashion rings. One, diamonds and other gemstones should be in the car but take a backseat. Two, they are designed with strength and lifestyle in mind. You are more likely to damage jewelry on your hand or wrist than on your ear or neck. Shop sturdy designs with magical-but-subtle flourishes.

For stylish everyday bangles, we recommend Hearts on Fire. Peruse robust metals crafted into feminine, delicate designs. The Optima Four Station diamond bangle shimmers with gentle curves, weaving accents, and white diamonds. Wear alone or stack to perfection.

Lab Grown Stud Earrings

The versatility of stud earrings cannot be overlooked. They are a jewelry staple that everyone should have in their valet and are perfect for everyday wear. Wear them to work, on the weekend, to brunch, honestly, you can wear these back to back every day of the week. Regardless of the occasion, diamond studs sweetly and gently elevate every outfit.

Find your next everyday pair with Alpha Lab Grown Diamonds. Not only are lab-grown diamonds just as scintillating as natural diamonds, but they also come at a far better price point. Sport a hairstyle that shows off these glittering lab grown diamond earrings for the perfect fun and flirty mode.

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Chain Necklaces Reimagined

Chain necklaces are perfect for your everyday look. They come in a myriad of designs, from chunky to thin. From chain link, box chain, and more, this necklace style is multifaceted in application.

For a completely reimagined, yet sleek look, check out chain necklaces from John Hardy. These necklace designs are truly unlike any you have seen from another designer. Crafted from trending sterling silver, make this necklace your everyday staple. With its confident and flowing design, you can wear it with almost any outfit.

Discover Your Everyday Look

Find all the styles above and even more everyday jewelry at Rottermond Jewelers. Shop our expansive inventory in-store. Our friendly and skilled staff can help you find the perfect piece of jewelry that you can gleam in every day! For exceptional service and a glowing selection, shop fine jewelry at Rottermond Jewelers