Discover Gabriel & Co.'s Artisan-Crafted Fashion Jewelry

April 1st, 2020

Discover Gabriel & Co.’s Artisan-Crafted Fashion Jewelry

Choose from fine bridal and fashion jewelry that features feminine, elegant, vintage-inspired detailing in each Gabriel & Co. collection. Each simple and beautiful piece inspires confidence in a neat, little, stylish package.

Classic And Fashion-Forward Designs

Gabriel & Co.’s impact in the jewelry world began over 30 years ago when brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel decided to share their passion for jewelry making with the world. Gabriel & Co. started in 1989, but a fervent desire to craft fine jewelry developed when Dominick and Elias became young apprentices to their father, a master jeweler in his own right.

Through years of experience working with precious metals and stones, the Gabriel brothers have built a foundation of the elements of jewelry design and innovated from then on. The Gabriel brothers understand what drives people to celebrate with luxury jewelry. From an emotional resonance to an ineffable appeal, each piece of jewelry from Gabriel & Co. is meant to touch a deep chord in the beholder.


Gabriel & Co’s Lusso Collection of breathtaking necklaces feature vibrant and shimmering diamond accents in an array of designs. Lusso’s designs are meant to inspire wonder. Choose from a snowflake pendant to a bar of diamond stars to a stunning starburst locket. If you love elegant bar designs, choose models from the Indulgence Collection featuring a sparkling row of diamonds and a simple and delicate chain.

gabriel & co fashion jewelry


Gabriel & Co.’s line of luxury bracelets caters to fashionistas with a taste for the finer things in life. For a truly remarkable and eye-catching bracelet design, check out the Bujukan Collection. Handcrafted arcs of golden spheres, sparkling mini-cluster diamonds, and chains of impeccable gold circles complete the iconic Bujukan look. Its bangle-like design offers wearers a piece that evokes casual elegance and sparse dramatic touches such as a pearl or sapphire end piece.

Fashion Rings

Stunning fashion rings abound in Gabriel & Co.’s timeless fashion jewelry collections. For a casual, yet refined look, check out the Stackable Collection of fashion rings meant for the person who loves to stand out. Stack rings to your heart’s content with the sheer variety of design styles in this fashion ring collection. Choose from twisted, criss-cross, segmented, open, scalloped, beaded, and other jaw-dropping designs to mix and match.


Gabriel & Co.’s Kaslique Collection of earrings showcases an abstract flair and shimmering diamond details. Earrings feature swirls, circles, and other intriguing shapes that aren’t found from other designers. Explore the Hampton Collection of earrings for a nautical and preppy vibe. Radiant gold and impeccably cut gemstones are fit for any occasion. Choose from green amethyst drop earrings with twisted rope details to white and rose-gold layered open teardrop earrings with a burst of diamonds.

Luxury Jewelry At Rottermond

Rottermond provides Metro Detroit and Oakland County residents with high-quality fashion and bridal jewelry from around the world. Stop at one of our two jewelry store locations in Brighton and Milford, Michigan. We have the finest necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and fashion rings from designers like Michael M, John Hardy, Benchmark, Hearts On Fire, and more. Our welcoming staff can teach you everything about jewelry and finding the missing piece from your collection.