A Luxury Jeweler's Guide To Trending Diamond Shapes

May 3rd, 2020

A Luxury Jeweler’s Guide To Trending Diamond Shapes

Diamond shapes are often one of the first things couples notice when shopping for diamond jewelry. The classic round shape evokes tradition, elegance, and resilience. But now, couples have a variety of contemporary diamond shapes to choose from that make a ring stand out. For a closer look at diamond shapes, check out our guide to trending diamond shapes.

Understanding Diamond Shapes

A diamond’s shape refers to its shape as seen from above. Today, couples can choose from more than just the classic round diamond shape. Diamond shapes that aren’t round are often referred to as fancy shaped diamonds which include princess, emerald, cushion, asscher, oval, pear, radiant, and heart-shaped diamonds.

No diamond shape is better than the other, but each offers unique characteristics that can impact how the final ring looks and how it complements your daily attire. Some diamond shapes focus on light reflection, while others choose to highlight a diamond’s clarity. Regardless of choice, each diamond shape offers a charming design and brilliant finish.


The quintessential round diamond shape has been a staple of many couples in the United States and beyond. More than 75 percent of all diamond engagement rings sold in America features a round shape. A round diamond has 58 facets, each exquisitely reflecting the maximum amount of light possible from every angle. Round shaped diamonds evoke simplicity and sophistication.


Princess-cut diamonds are the next most popular diamond shape and have a square cut intended to maximize the fire and brilliance without sacrificing its chic look. Princess-cut diamonds originated in the early 1960s by Arpad Nagy. Originally called the profile cut, princess cut diamonds offer one of the most sparkling variations of diamonds available and a striking geometric look.

trending diamond shapes in michigan


Cushion-cut diamonds resemble a princess cut, but caters to the woman who marches to the beat of her own drum. The cushion shape is a non-traditional cut with a long history that manages to complement classic and vintage details on a ring. Cushion shaped diamond can be enhanced with a pavé setting or worn alone without side stones.


Emerald shaped diamonds have an elongated shape that appeals to modern sensibilities. Emerald shaped diamonds have long facets and layered corners that are referred to as steps or stairs. These diamond shapes are for those with a bold and daring style. Don’t be afraid to draw attention with your step cuts and long planes of brilliance.


An oval-shaped diamond draws the eye with its unique and curvy design. Oval cuts are versatile enough to adorn both modern and vintage-inspired settings and bands. They also offer wearers a romantic, feminine, and distinctive style that complements any attire. Oval shaped diamonds are quickly gaining favor among the fashionable elite.

The contemporary and trending oval-shaped diamond wasn’t popularized until the 1960s. Oval shaped diamonds often appear larger than they really are, which can be a great choice for budget shoppers. Oval cuts are typically set in rose gold rings for a vintage look.

Diamonds At Rottermond Jeweler

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