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6 Questions to Answer Before Shopping for an Engagement Ring

September 1st, 2019

6 Questions to Answer Before Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Purchasing an engagement ring is a big investment and emotions can run high. Once you begin shopping, your jeweler will have questions you’ll want to have answers for. And more importantly, you’ll want to know which questions you want to ask yourself. With the right knowledge in hand and armed with the right questions, engagement ring shopping can be what it should be—an exciting experience to revel in and enjoy!

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Engagement Ring Shopping

1. What’s my budget?

Why it’s important: First off, the old adage that two months’ salary is an appropriate budgeting tool is, well, an old adage. To begin, consider your priorities. If you know you have other goals to pursue (a house, honeymoon, or children), keep these in mind when setting a budget for engagement ring shopping. Knowing what you want to spend will prepare you for negotiating things like diamond size and metal type.

But keep this in mind: An engagement ring will be cherished for a lifetime and can be passed down to other generations, so do consider when it might be worth the extra investment.

2. Which ring best suits my partner’s style?

Why it’s important: There are so many options today! With endless opportunities for customization and personal touches, you should have a solid idea of your partner’s style, especially if you’re planning a surprise.

Are they have a classic sense of style or something edgier? Do they prefer bold accessories or tend to opt for understated pieces? What sort of occupation and hobbies do they have? If they have an especially active lifestyle, something clean and simple might be best. Alternately, halo rings offer stunning ways to really accentuate a diamond’s brilliance.

3. What’s her ring size?

Why it’s important: If you go engagement ring shopping with your partner, this should be easy enough since she can try them on with you. But if you’re planning a surprise, you should know ahead of time what size ring to buy. Resizing is certainly an option, but some rings can be harder to resize. If you can, take one of her rings to the jeweler with you so you can get it measured.

4. What’s my timeline?

Why it’s important: Some rings can be purchased and taken home the same day. Others may need to be custom-ordered or even designed. Having an idea of when you want to propose will help you and your jeweler narrow down options to accommodate your schedule.

5. What are your diamond’s 4 Cs?

Why it’s important: The 4 Cs -- cut, color, clarity, and carat -- are important for a couple reasons. Knowing that a well-cut diamond will have better brilliance than one cut too deep or shallow will help you navigate conversations with your jeweler. It also means that you will know to ask to see as close to colorless and internally flawless stones as you can afford. Although princess-cut diamonds are astoundingly popular, round-cut diamonds tend to outperform princess cut when it comes to brilliance and sparkle.

6. What questions do you have for your jeweler?

Why it’s important: Beyond what you need to ask yourself, consider priorities you and your partner have and draft up any questions you may have about the engagement ring shopping process. Will you want to make modifications to the ring in several years? Do you want to ask about matching wedding bands? What’s the diamond’s origin story? Many couples today want to be sure their stones are responsibly sourced. Are there maintenance plans available? What about payment plans?

Remember that being over-prepared is certainly much better than being under-prepared. This is a big investment, no matter your budget, so you want to make sure you understand every aspect of the process before you decide on a ring.

Engagement Ring Shopping

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