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Have you thought about what diamond shape you want for your engagement ring? The cut of the diamond center stone can truly set each ring apart. With endless options that dazzle in their own way, discover the most exquisite diamond cuts and what each shape has to offer. Our diamond guide will explain all of the most popular diamond shapes and styles available at Rottermond Jewelers.


The round cut diamond has held the hearts of brides for over 100 years, making up 75% of diamond engagement rings sold every year. This enduring style reflects light more brilliantly than any other diamond with a distinct sparkle that catches the light at every turn. Cut with 58 facets, the round diamond’s brilliance stems from years spent perfecting the cutting technique. Round cut diamonds give brides the gift of choice, fitting almost every setting seamlessly with a wide range of options to choose from. 


The distinctive curves of oval cut diamonds evoke charming images of grace and femininity. It’s no wonder this diamond shape has continued to climb in popularity over the past few years. Although round cuts are known for their brilliance, oval diamonds have a greater surface area, which amplifies their reflection of light. While these modified brilliant cuts glimmer in solitaire settings, halos or side stones enhance their beauty with a charismatic flourish.


The dynamic princess cut diamond has been in competition with the round brilliant as a bridal favorite since its creation in the 1960s. For those wanting the luster of a classic cut with a new-age silhouette, a squared princess cut diamond is the perfect medium, exuding the same luminosity as the round cut and the uniqueness of the oval cut. The clean lines and modern appeal make this diamond shape perfect for contemporary designs, especially those with geometric accents. 


As the squared shape continues to rise in popularity, the cushion diamond is another stunning option that feels like a rare find in an antique store, yet catches the eye with its undeniable brilliance. The softly rounded corners are both inviting and romantic, while the facets maximize light reflection to keep all eyes on your ring. Cushion cuts maintain their natural color better than any other diamond, which means this shape is perfectly suited for a striking colored diamond center stone. These alluring rings are both iconic and enduring.


Both familiar yet incredibly rare, emerald cut diamonds exhibit paralleled facets that showcase the diamond’s immaculate clarity. This elusive diamond shape makes up only 3% of diamonds in the world, which is an intriguing statistic for brides searching for something unique. The emerald cuts’ elongated shape slims and lengthens the fingers adding to the ring’s sophistication. Striking and unconventional, emerald cut diamonds pair gorgeously with three stone ring settings. Consider baguette diamonds as the two flanking side stones for a modern winged twist.