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One of the big trends in contemporary fashion is the stackable look. From stackable bracelets to necklaces to rings, women across the spectrum are embracing the DIY aesthetic of stackable jewelry. Why? It’s fun, naturally, but it also offers a woman the opportunity to mix and match her pieces in such a way that they reflect personal tastes. Plus, stackable jewelry can be worn in a completely different way from day to day. Here at Rottermond Jewelers, we showcase fashion rings from top designers that can be stacked, which means that no matter your personal tastes, we’ve got collections you’ll absolutely adore!


One of our favorite designers, Gabriel & Co., offers a line of rings made exclusively to be stackable, and they show what sets an exclusively stackable ring apart from others. Primarily, stackable rings are distinguished by their ability to fit together. In some circumstances, this means literally interlocking, but the mix-and-match format doesn’t often allow for that. Gabriel & Co. stackable fashion rings are slender, allowing for multiple pieces to be utilized, and they’re made with many crenellations to allow them to fit aesthetically. These crenellations include the prongs of a crown, Occitan crosses, and interlocked rectangle bezels. Alternatively, you can use a ring with flat sides as a “buffer” between two crenellated pieces.

Another thing that sets stackable rings apart is that you aren’t limited to one type of metal or gemstone. You can pick any of the popular shades of gold—rose, yellow, and white—as well as silver and mixed tones. Stackable rings are made to be tailored to your personality too, so like a refinement of the charm bracelet concept, you can pick individual rings to reflect what makes you special. For example, you can select a ring studded with your birthstone or your partner’s birthstone. You can have the opulence of diamonds, or something made exclusively with filigrees—the fun comes from your imagination!


Here at Rottermond Jewelers, we’ve been on the cutting edge of jewelry trends for decades, which means that when we curate trendy pieces of jewelry, we know what it is our customers want. In addition to the glorious collections from Gabriel & Co., we also offer fashion jewelry from designers like Michael M, John Hardy, Doves by Doron Paloma, and more. The rings you choose depend on what you’re looking for, your preexisting collection, and your budget. If you’d like to discover more stackable ring options we offer, don’t hesitate to give us a call today! You can reach our Milford, Michigan showroom at 248-685-1150 or our Brighton, Michigan showroom at 810-220-0015!