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This Year's Top Engagement Ring Trends

June 15th, 2022

This year, fashion trends are going bold in every area, from clothing to fashion jewelry to bridal jewelry. Above all, the theme seems to be this: be different, unique, and authentic. Bridal jewelry is beginning to look a bit different than in past years, with nontraditional settings, stones, and silhouettes taking center stage. Read on for our guide from our team at Rottermond Jewelers to the ring styles we think we will be seeing a lot more of this year.

Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Though the classic round cut has dominated the world of bridal jewelry for years, a new shape is gaining traction. A recent study that surveyed over 5,000 newly engaged couples revealed that the oval cut is growing in popularity faster than any other shape.

The oval cut is so beloved for its retention of all the same brilliance of the round cut, but with an elongated silhouette uniquely dainty and feminine.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

In the spirit of individual expression, many people are opting for a more contemporary take on center stones with vibrant gemstones. Be it one’s birthstone, their favorite color, or a hue that holds sentimental meaning, stunning gems like sapphires, rubies, amethysts, and more are increasingly cropping up in designer engagement ring collections.

A piece like this ruby halo ring from Bridal Bells, for instance, would serve as both a statement piece and a meaningful symbol of love, commitment, and passion.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Break from the expected and common modern styles with a ring whose design influence comes from centuries past. Whether there is a specific era of vintage jewelry you would like a ring modeled from, or you would prefer a mixture of design elements from several different eras, there are always a plethora of vintage ring styles to choose from. You can be sure they will stylistically pass the test of time with vintage-inspired rings.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Though three stone engagement rings have been around for quite a while and have steadily remained a popular choice for engagement rings, we believe this style has gained particular popularity this year because of its customizability. Imbue your ring with personality and meaning by choosing colorful gemstones to lie on either side of your center stone. Perhaps you choose yours and your partner’s birthstone to flank either side.

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