A Guide to Rose Gold Engagement Rings

August 10th, 2020

rose gold ring

The engagement ring trend that started gaining serious momentum over a year ago is still just as popular now. Rose gold’s ultra-feminine hue flatters nearly every skin tone and with more and more jewelry designers experimenting with the rosy metal, it’s still a great option for brides wanting an engagement ring that’s singular and unique.

What Exactly Is Rose Gold?

Rose gold gets its dreamy hue by combining yellow gold with copper (and sometimes silver and/or zinc). The more copper in the mix, the more pinkish and reddish the color is. Also, the higher the carat of gold, the lighter the hue. The benefits of the popular alloy don’t stop at its fun color tone: Though it can certainly look super romantic and ultra-feminine, rose gold looks stunning in a vintage setting as well as more modern engagement ring varieties.

Whose Style Does Rose Gold Engagement Rings Flatter Most?

Rose gold is a popular choice for brides wanting a subtly romantic bridal look. Between the various hues and whimsical designs, there are countless options widely available. Whether you want a classic solitaire, a more modern setting, or a vintage feel, there are beautiful rose gold rings for every personal style. Another gorgeous way to wear rose gold is as stackable wedding bands. The color is even growing in popularity among men!

Which Designers Know Their Way around Rose Gold?

Handcrafted and hand-set, Michael M’s engagement rings bring European sophistication to a broad array of beautiful designs. Incorporating decades-old European techniques with careful, modern details, Michael M designs feature stunning details like milgrain, hand-engravings, and their exclusive U-set technique, which displays brilliant diamonds from every angle. Designs lean toward heavier, bolder shanks for extra luxurious, opulent looks, especially when they’re made from silky, pinkish rose gold.

Gabriel & Co.

Brides wanting to embrace a more delicate, intricate look would do well to consider one of Gabriel & Co.’s exquisite rose gold engagement rings. Having just celebrated 30 years of jewelry design in 2019, the Gabriel brothers pride themselves on impeccable artistry and enduring craftsmanship. Featuring delicious designs with careful floral and pave-set halos, milgrain detailing, and art deco–inspired geometric shapes, Gabriel’s rose gold selections offer dreamy and decadent options for brides wanting an extra romantic feel.

Bridal Bells

Mixed metals are a popular bridal trend and Bridal Bells offers beautiful engagement rings made of both 14k white and rose gold. If you’re wanting a rose gold engagement ring but not sure you want to commit to a fully pink design, Bridal Bells has some chic options for a more demure, simple look.

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