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Engagement rings. They’re one of the great treasures of the jewelry world, and their universality means that every designer has their own take on the exceptional beauty of the ring. However, while there are a thousand different looks, you’ll find that engagement rings often gravitate to certain styles—visual shorthand to which designers tend to refer when they seek to create a particular feeling in their jewelry. Here at Rottermond Jewelers, we have a remarkable experience with jewelry and design that comes through in the collections we showcase. For those interested in engagement ring styles, Rottermond Jewelers is here to help!


Classic engagement rings aren’t inspired by a particular period of time, but instead seek to be something ideal that women picture when they imagine the phrase “engagement ring.” The classic engagement ring is one with a round-cut diamond set in prongs. Most often, a classic ring can be found with yellow gold—but there’s nothing stopping a lover of classic beauty from selecting this style in platinum, rose gold, or white gold!

In an era where minimalism has a lot of clout, you may prefer a classic engagement ring for its timelessness and densely packed beauty; there’s a reason why “classic” is the classic, after all.


Vintage engagement rings are inspired by a period of time at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th when a flowering of aesthetic theories took off in a way that had never been seen before. So, when you see a jeweler describing their engagement rings as “vintage,” you’re looking at engagement rings that conjure a certain brand of elegance from a more refined time. Milgrain beading and bezel settings both attest to vintage beauty, but the period also favored platinum and step-cut diamonds. Additionally, if you’re looking for a lot of colored gems, it’s vintage looks and modern styles that put their colored gem foot forward here.


It’s difficult to describe “the modern.” After all, we live in the modern era! But there are some trends that we can classify as “the modern engagement ring.” This list is inexhaustive, but it includes channel settings and princess-cut diamonds. These two features were only invented relatively recently, which makes them exclusively contemporary. Twisted or split shanks on an engagement ring also mark a modern piece contrary to something more vintage. Exotic geometries (think spirals and sharp points) as well as unusual metals, like black rhodium, can also be found in a modern engagement ring.


Among engagement ring styles, the alternative look is something of a catch-all. You’re not likely to find a designer who designs a lot of alternative collections, due to the fact that alternative engagement rings discard popular trends in favor of very niche looks. Nevertheless, there’s an option available at Rottermond Jewelers: We can design a custom alternative engagement ring for you. If you’re partial to gold-wire-wrapped gems, rare diamond shapes, unusual center stones, or patterns that are rarely seen in even modern rings, you can trust that we’ll be able to help!

If you’re interested in learning more about engagement ring styles offered at Rottermond Jewelers, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our Milford, Michigan showroom can be contacted at 248-685-1150; our Brighton, Michigan store can be reached at 810-220-0015!