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A luxury watch is an investment piece that holds its value over time as a functional and stylish accessory. However, before you make the leap to purchase a new timepiece, take some time to understand the essential watch key terms. With so many options to choose from, it’s helpful to have a working knowledge of the components of a watch in order to choose the one that best suits your needs. Rottermond Jewelers has all the tips you need to know about watches.


A watch is made of many pieces, the most important of these are what make up the movement, or caliber. This includes a mainspring that stores kinetic energy, releasing it at timed intervals to cause the hands to go around the face. The oldest and most prestigious of these are the hand-wound models, prized for their level of craftsmanship. The self-winding watch uses the motion of the wrist and a counterweight to automatically wind the timepiece as it is worn. The newest and most convenient form of movement is called quartz and is powered by a small battery.


Protecting the movement is the case of the watch, a metal container designed to be both functional and aesthetic. Atop this case is the crown, a knob that will wind the watch in hand-wound models, while in newer models it is used to adjust the time. The dial is composed of two hands and a set of numerals that display the time. Overtop this is the crystal, a glass dome that is composed of glass, acrylic, or synthetic sapphire, which is held tight to the casing by the bezel, a seal made of metal or ceramic.


A watch is capable of doing so much more than just keeping track of minutes and seconds, so manufacturers tend to add various complications. These are useful features or functions that expand a watch’s use. The most common is undoubtedly the chronograph or “stopwatch” feature. Other popular complications include waterproofing for diving functionality and various measures of time including a lunar calendar. There is also the exhibition back which leaves the movement of the watch on display through a clear panel in the back of the casing, or a skeleton watch that leaves the front of the watch clear for the same reason.


At Rottermond Jewelers, we are proud to provide a curated selection of luxury timepieces to our clientele in the Huron Valley region. We welcome residents to visit our Milford and Brighton jewelry stores and let our experienced staff assist in finding you the perfect timepiece to add to your collection. With a selection of high-end watches from today’s top designers, the options are endless. We offer jewelry and watch repair for all of your maintenance needs. Call us today or visit our showroom and let our team of experts help you find the watch for you.