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Solitaire Rings



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The classic and popular solitaire ring is a beautiful and timeless choice for the couple who appreciate the finer things in life. Its simplicity echoes a purity and charm that can compliment casual and formal wear. A solitaire ring’s versatility allows the wearer to pair it with a variety of textures, patterns, and colors. Solitaire rings evoke a delicate and sophisticated air. As a single diamond piece, a solitaire ring’s center stone is the resplendent pinnacle. All pretension is lost with the single stone’s grace and beauty. Solitaire rings fit slender fingers without a problem and can feature various metals, gemstones, and settings.

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Our eye for the finest solitaire rings brings customers a remarkable selection of rings from today’s leading designers. Gabriel & Co.’s solitaire rings are handcrafted to perfection. Gabriel & Co’s Contemporary solitaire collection combines simplicity with elegance in this modern collection. Every solitaire ring from Gabriel & Co. is protected and tracked with a unique engraved ID that provides the utmost transparency. Michael M’s solitaire collections borrow distinctive European influences to create an enchanting solitaire ring. Michael M’s U-shaped carriage is one practical and stylish detail that maximizes the fire and brilliance of the stone.

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As an authorized Martin Flyer retailer, we also carry a range of solitaire rings from Martin Flyer. Each handcrafted ring features a GIA-certified diamond to ensure it has the highest cut, clarity, and color. Each diamond is vetted for microscopic flaws. Each collection of Martin Flyer’s solitaire rings has clean and graceful lines fit for the fashion-forward woman. Since 1945, Martin Flyer has provided jewelry lovers with the highest-quality metals and gemstones at a competitive price. Our extensive selection of solitaire rings covers a range of styles from simple to elaborate and vintage to modern.

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Shop at Rottermond Jewelers for all your engagement ring needs. Our showrooms in Milford and Brighton, Michigan bring the most refined solitaire rings to residents of Wixom, South Lyon, Novi, or all of Michigan. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer any questions on the custom design process or our solitaire ring products. Financing services allow any individual to own their perfect ring. Return to use for all of your jewelry repair and maintenance needs to keep your romantic symbol looking like new. Reach out to us at or by phone.