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Rottermond Jewelers Offers Alpha Lab Grown Diamonds Starting This Month

September 13th, 2019

Rottermond Jewelers Offers Alpha Lab Grown Diamonds Starting This Month

This month, Rottermond Jewelers will start carrying lab-grown diamonds at its Milford and Brighton store locations in Michigan. The jewelry retailer will source most of their lab-grown stones from Alpha, a company that sells exclusively above ground loose stones and jewelry pieces adorned with them.

Alpha’s diamonds carry all of the typical trademarks of diamonds produced in a laboratory: pristine Type IIa stones created through eco-friendly processes and sold for cheaper than their mined counterparts. Considering that lab-grown stones are still physically and chemically the same as below ground diamonds, this is great news for those looking for a greener alternative for their heirloom pieces.

Rottermond Jewelers was founded in 1984 with a focus on community, and the retailer’s staff strives to provide nothing but the best in customer care. With more and more shoppers turning to lab-grown diamonds for their engagement rings, wedding bands, and fashion jewelry, adding a robust selection of lab-grown diamonds to Rottermond’s inventory was the obvious next step. With this new addition, young couples and eco-conscious buyers in Michigan now have a greater selection to choose from.

To learn more about Alpha or the lab grown diamonds available at Rottermond Jewelers, contact their Milford store at (248) 685-1150 or their Brighton location at (810) 220-0015.

About Rottermond Jewelers

Since its establishment in 1984, Rottermond Jewelers has served as a trustworthy purveyor of all things fine jewelry and luxury watches for the people in Milford and Brighton, Michigan. Inspired by his hometown’s focus on family and community, founder Dean Rottermond set out to build a business that emulated these traits as well. That’s why, for more than 35 years, the retailer has donated over $460,000 to local charities and non-profit organizations like the American Cancer Society and ALS of Michigan, Inc. Today, Rottermond Jewelers is renowned for its unparalleled inventory, top-notch customer care, and expert custom jewelry design and other services.

Get in touch with the jewelry retailer by sending an email to or by calling (248) 685-1150 for their Milford location and (810) 220-0015 for their Brighton location.