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Why Lab Grown Diamonds are the Future of the Diamond Industry

September 13th, 2019

Why Lab Grown Diamonds are the Future of the Diamond Industry

As we all know, millennials are very conscious when comes to the preservation of our planet. It is our social responsibility. With lab diamonds being a more environmentally friendly choice and paired with the fact that they are chemically and physically the same as a mined diamond, it is no surprise that they continue to grow in popularity.

Mining diamonds has always come with a huge environmental cost for our planet. Lab diamonds are 100% conflict free and require very little labor, making the carbon footprint of lab grown diamonds almost nonexistent.

Another contributing factor to the popularity of lab grown diamonds is that they are very well priced. Buying a diamond is an investment, and a pricey one at that! Naturally you’ll be very cautious when making a big decision like this make sure you are getting the best value for your money. But in the case of lab grown diamonds, they will typically come in about 30-40% less expensive than your traditional mined diamonds.

When set side by side with a diamond that comes from the ground, you’ll see for yourself that mined and lab grown stones truly look the same. They both boast a tremendous amount of fire and brilliance, but lab grown diamonds have a smaller price tag. That is value right there!

Online diamond sales have become more popular for just that -- more savings on the diamond -- but buying online usually means the stones come in from overseas. There’s no service or personal relationship with a jeweler, and there’s always the chance that the diamond comes in not looking exactly like it was advertised online.

In summary, buying diamonds online is quite a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. But with lab diamonds proving itself to be a solid alternative, you could get a beautiful stone at less than online pricing, backed with professional service and a lifelong relationship with your family jeweler.

All of this leads me to believe that this is the future of diamonds. We have been working with lab diamonds more than ever now and our consumers are very happy with the product, the savings, and the overall experience. If you’re getting ready to buy a diamond of your own, look for yourself and see why these lab diamonds have taken the industry by storm!