Top 5 Anniversary Band Styles

December 10th, 2021

ring on table

Anniversary rings symbolize the growth of a marriage. Through stacking and matching, these bands can convey how love takes new and exciting forms. Traditionally given at milestone anniversaries, the band complements the wedding ring in a myriad of ways. This can be by adding a unique and elegant touch to making a colorful spectacle. While there are more styles than those listed here, these are our Top 5 Anniversary Band Styles to explore.

color wedding ring

This Time, With Color

While a classic diamond ring is without a doubt beautiful, adding a splash of color can make it look more unique. There are plenty of vivid bands that feature colored gems. To make these anniversary bands extra special, consider using birthstones.

rose gold ring

Something Old, Something New

A vintage anniversary band can add old-fashioned elegance to any wedding ring. Inspired by design elements from the past, these bands help build a better future. This Michael M wedding band uses vintage-inspired details with intricate metalwork reminiscent of the styles of yore. This gives it a personal touch that, if used to complement a more modern ring style, brings about a whole new aesthetic.

curved wedding ring

The Curved Approach

Through intricate geometry, an anniversary band can bring about the best in a wedding band. This is especially true for bands with a large center stone, such as solitaire or halo rings. This Euphoria diamond band has an unusual shape in that it peaks. If matched with a solitaire ring, it can go around the engagement ring’s center stone, adding more dazzling diamonds to enrapture the viewer. This captivating cornucopia of the finest gems is a true marvel and shows off the potential of an anniversary band.

floral ring

Be Bold, Be Floral

Some anniversary bands add a touch of natural imagery to the mix, thereby enlivening more modern wedding bands. Rings like this Hearts On Fire Lorelei Floral diamond band contain an enchanting ensemble of delicately chosen diamonds to convey pure charm and variety. When paired with a modern-style wedding ring and engagement ring, it will make for a glittering stack.

eternity wedding ring

Eternity Bands

Another beautiful, symbolic band style is the eternity ring. On the magnificent pieces, a strip of brilliant diamonds goes all the way around the band, showing them off regardless of viewing angle. This Hearts On Fire Destiny Lace Twist eternity band has marvelous gems woven into the intricate strip of rose gold that utilizes the infinity symbol. Not only is this piece a show-stopper, but it also exemplifies an eternity of love and unbroken commitment.

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