Rottermond Jewelers Wedding Gift Guide

June 15th, 2020

wedding gifts guide

Your closest friends and family deserve something wonderful to cherish long after the sun sets on the first day of the rest of your life. Choosing wedding gifts that suit everybody in attendance is one of the most exciting challenges before the wedding itself - particularly when deciding what to give each member of the bridal party. What is the best way to make sure each guest leaves the table with a keepsake that satisfies them? We’ve got plenty of advice to share for those interested.

1. Keep Things General

Unless your plan is to find something unique for all of your girls individually, wedding gifts that are a bit tamer than what may very well be your usual fare are a very safe bet. A dainty fashion ring in white gold or perhaps a modest strand of pearls are non-descript enough to see plenty of mileage in any type of person’s wardrobe - the working woman, the stay-at-home mother, and everything in between.

2. Shop Smart

Depending on how many people are invited into your inner circle, and taking your overall budget into consideration, you’re going to want to exhaust all of the options at your disposal before choosing something capable of uniting everybody involved. Plenty of resources offer clearance items at a reduced rate, allowing you to indulge without breaking the bank entirely.

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3. Coordinate with What You’re Working With

Some will deign to present the team with wedding gifts after the ceremony, sometimes during the reception. We say, why not get your money’s worth? Choose wedding gifts that accentuate the attire of the evening - when everybody at the party has been christened with that extra little bit of sparkle, we all shine brighter.

4. Special Offerings for the Stars of the Show

Chances are, the father of the bride won’t have much use for one of those gorgeous diamond tennis bracelets that any of your ladies would die for. A dignified timepiece would be much more suitable; same goes for the matriarchs, who deserve much more than your standard pair of diamond studs. These wedding gifts are meant to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence; investing generously in your new family is an excellent way to blaze a positive path forward for you and yours.

5. It Doesn’t Always Have to Be Jewelry

Follow your heart. Lovers of wine? A bottle for each invite would be a lovely takeaway. Trying to keep things reasonable? Homemade wedding gifts are charming and feel more intimate than something bought at a store. Photo souvenirs from the event will come naturally if you have hired a photobooth service or a photographer to document the evening. It’s your wedding - coloring within the lines is for chumps. Make a splash nobody will soon forget.

While our jewelry store has plenty to offer in terms of regalia for the bride and groom specifically, we have you more than covered if you’re searching far and wide for designer wedding gifts that will remind your loved ones how grateful you are to have them there with you. Rottermond is more than willing to wheel and deal with our Milford and Brighton couples interested in buying in bulk. To see what we’ve got waiting for you, our team is ready to take your call.