Pearl Jewelry Trends

July 15th, 2022

pearl fashion rings

There’s nothing more luxurious than pearl jewelry. Pearls famously come from oysters and mussels, the result of a fascinating natural process. Irritants can find their way into the mussel’s shell. In response, the sea creature makes a shiny material to protect against irritants, which sometimes leads to the creation of pearls. Not all pearls are the same in shine, sheen, and color. Check out these enchanting pieces from our Rottermond Jewelers showroom that exhibit the potential of these gorgeous gemstones.

necklace with pearl

With a Twist

The pearl necklace is a true classic symbol of luxury. It’s hard not to adore these timeless pieces, but their vintage style can be a bit too minimalist for some. Luckily, many of today’s most inventive designers create fashionable pearl necklaces with eccentric silhouettes. For those with a penchant for the uniquely chic, there are many options available.

gold bracelet that features pearl

On the Cuff

Cuff bracelets are fantastic canvases for pearls. These pieces differentiate themselves from other bracelets by having an opening on the back. What makes them so great for pearls? Jewelry designers often adorn these exquisite pieces by imbuing the ends with radiant pearls. This gives them an impactful stylish presence.

In the Family

Mother of pearl’s name is surprisingly accurate. While strongly associated with the nautilus, mother of pearl comes from a variety of mussels. Also known as “nacre”, this substance also comes from oysters in much the same way as pearls. Jewelry designers use mother of pearl in a variety of innovative, spectacular pieces.

pearl earrings

Accenting Earrings

Pearl earrings are an effortless way to complete any outfit. They have an understated elegance and eternal sophistication. Due to their color, they match a wide variety of ensembles and are easy to pair. No collection is perfect without a set of pearl earrings.

At Rottermond, we do our best to guarantee fashion for everyone. That’s why we offer this dazzling pair of pearl earrings that look incredible at an affordable price.

woman with necklace

Find Pearl Jewelry at Rottermond Jewelers

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