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How to layer and stack your jewelry.

February 13th, 2020

Looking to freshen up your look or be a little more playful with your jewelry! Layering and stacking necklaces, bracelets and rings gives you the ability to complete your entire look. You can put pieces together that you've had to create a bigger look, or a whole new style. Pieces that have been sitting in your jewelry box will get an entirely new life of wear when layered or stacked. Stacking and layering allows you to tell your own story through your jewelry, creates your own unique personal expression of style.

The magic number with layering, especially for necklaces, is the lucky number three. However, you can wear up to seven if you want! Layering always looks best with odd numbers. This allows you to choose a main piece to showcase and accent pieces to compliment it. Layer from smallest to largest, graduating to where the longest falls to the bottom. You can mix shades of metals, different styles of chains, gemstones and beads so that your layered look can gain a bit of texture and visual interest.

Layering is not only reserved for necklaces, you can also layer and stack bangles and bracelets. You can try many different combinations to see what look and style you like best. Unlike necklaces, there is no number rule when it comes to bracelets or bangles. You can wear as many you like together or are comfortable with. You can mix and match with vintage and newer pieces to make it look more interesting. You can also accent a bigger cuff or bangle with a more narrow bracelet or bangle on either side. You can add a bit more depth to your look by mixing different metals and styles of chains together.

With stacking rings, three is normally the minimum number that appeals to the eye. However, you can wear as many that will fit your finger! Like necklaces and bracelets, you can blend different metals, widths and stones when you stack your rings. You can stack a plain yellow metal band with a white metal band with stones, these two looks will compliment a rose metal band that has a bit of texture or more of a "scalloped" look. The best thing about this new era is that there aren't any rules to what matches or what goes with what. Anything goes!