Jewelry Styles for a Fashionable Fall Season

August 15th, 2023

a person in a green sweater holding a bag of flowers and wearing a gemstone fashion ring

This fall, the fashion world is unleashing an era of audacity on the runway. Designers are discarding subtlety, welcoming oversized, bold and daring jewelry styles. Think exaggerated pendant necklaces, colossal rings, and statement earrings, encouraging self-expression in its rawest form. These audacious pieces, juxtaposed with the earthy, muted tones of autumn, create a stunning visual dialogue that screams empowerment. Intricate, architectural designs infuse contemporary edge into classic shapes, sparking a new wave of style. Pushing the envelope of traditional aesthetics, this season's fashion dares you to be unapologetically you. Discover these striking trends at Rottermond Jewelers, where bold meets sophistication.

a sterling silver chain bracelet from John Hardy featuring a large knot

Chunky Pieces

Forecasts for fall 2023 fashion trends spotlight a standout style: bold, chunky jewelry. These spirited pieces act as a game-changer for any ensemble, adding a striking layer of dimension and texture. Take, for example, this remarkable John Hardy bracelet with its beautifully sculpted knot - an attention-grabbing feature that immediately pulls focus. Wearing such a piece becomes more than just a style statement; it's a fearless expression of individuality and personal style. Expect to see this compelling trend rise as autumn approaches. An accessory like this one will easily slide over your sweater sleeves without being overpowered, allowing you to add some contrast to your look. 

a yellow gold, circle pendant necklace with an ‘A’ in the center and accent diamonds

Expressive Letters

Another enchanting jewelry trend is on the rise this season: pendants and motifs featuring letters. Adding a deeply personal tinge to any outfit, these pieces are a nuanced blend of style and sentimentality. This trend facilitates self-expression while elevating the aesthetic appeal of an ensemble. A prime example is this stunning piece by Michael M, featuring an ‘A' pendant adorned with diamonds. The ornament not only serves as a personalized style statement but also adds a layer of intrigue and sophistication. Choose an accessory that features your first initial, the first initial of your family name, or the initial of a loved one. 

a pair of white gold cluster earrings featuring a multitude of round cut diamonds

Sparkling Clusters

The gleam of fall 2023 promises to be amplified by an emerging trend in the fashion world: cluster jewelry. This unique style involves the elaborate assembly of numerous gems, generating a fascinating, radiant display of light and color. It's like carrying a private constellation, each twinkling stone interacting uniquely with light. Take, for example, these striking stud earrings from our own signature collection. The clusters of diamonds not only ensure a continual dance of sparkle but also frame one’s most important features in light. This fall, anticipate the mesmerizing draw of cluster jewelry to take center stage.

a white gold fashion ring featuring a large, oval shaped turquoise with accent diamonds surrounding it

Oversized Gemstones

Continuing the theme of boldness and daring, large gemstones are something you can expect to see plenty of this season. Available in every color under the sun, large gems bring a pop of vibrance to any look, whether you wear them on your finger, wrists, neck, or ears. Communicate your distinct personality with the gems you choose, or add a bit of meaning to your wardrobe with a birthstone. We’re particular fans of this turquoise ring from Gabriel & Co. whose cool color will wonderfully contrast the typically warm tones of autumn ensembles. 

a woman in a black blazer wearing large gold hoops and a “G” necklace

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