Build a Stronger Relationship While Having Fun

February 15th, 2022

Most people aspire to have a relationship with a strong connection and love for one another. Rottermond Jewelers is committed to supporting local businesses within our Michigan communities and we believe that memories created with loved ones create a closer bond. Our experts have put together a guide to some fun activities you can do with your significant other, family, or friends to build a stronger relationship.

Romantic Lantern Hike at Island Lake

Enjoy the beautiful Hickory Ridge trail lit by lanterns hosted by the Island Lake Recreation Area. Events are set for February and March with information constantly updated on their website for the latest additions and changes. You are welcome to hike, snowshoe, or ski along the path that will have coffee refreshments in the parking lot and a campfire warm-up station one mile down the trail. Snowshoeing is a great way to easily and safely travel across the snow while also being a great physical activity to explore Michigan during winter.

Cross Country Skiing at Huron Meadows MetroPark

If you are looking for a faster and more invigorating way to spend time together while cruising through the natural splendor Michigan has to offer, there is always cross-country skiing. The groomed trails at Huron Meadows MetroPark extend for around 15 miles for classic and skate skiing. Rentals are available, so even if you do not have your own equipment you can have a great day with your loved one. Doing physical activities builds memories that may become regular things for you two to do together.

Competitive Edge with Pickleball

For an exciting competitive game, give pickleball a try. Similar to racquetball, tennis, and backgammon, pickleball uses a shorthand paddle and plastic green wiffle-like ball. Play inside or outside and set a friendly bet to bring out a competitive edge while still having fun together. Set up a double date with friends. The most important part is that you are having a good time together and creating cherished memories.

Get Creative Together

Taking an art class together at the Creative Art Studios in Royal Oaks is an excellent way to spend time together. Learn how to blow glass or make pottery on a wheel. Not only will you be exploring a new hobby, but you will get to explore the creative side of the person you hold dear.

Cook, Eat, and Be Merry

Everyone loves food, but not everyone knows how to cook. Learning how to cook together and share a kitchen is a big step in a relationship because it means you can work together in a small space in sync and enjoy the delicious result together. Sharing a meal together is an essential building block of creating a lasting relationship, so cooking only takes this connection to the next level.

Sur La Table offers a variety of different cooking classes online and in-person at their Ann Arbor location. Choose a course that sounds appealing to you both, or as a group with friends, and enroll to learn how to make that meal or dish. Food brings people together and it is a little more special when you work together to make something great.

Rottermond Jewelers Supports Building Stronger Relationships

At Rottermond Jewelers, our dedication to our Milford and Brighton communities along with the people we are lucky to call our customers is second to none. We are a family-owned business that was established in 1984. Our talented staff are able to assist you in finding a brand new piece of luxury as well as expertly repair your jewelry and timepieces. If you have a specific vision in mind for a piece of jewelry you would like to purchase and are having trouble finding something that matches, we are able to custom design the item to your specifications. Visit one of our wonderful locations so we can start your wonderful experience.