Sparkling Centerpieces: Alternate Center Stones for Engagement Rings

January 15th, 2024

a woman’s hand a rose gold halo engagement ring featuring a purple center stone

When considering the perfect stone for an engagement ring, it's important to remember that diamonds, while a classic choice due to their unmatched brilliance and durability, are not the only option. At Rottermond Jewelers, we understand that some prefer a touch of color to symbolize their unique love story. Our collection offers a diverse range of beautifully crafted rings, ensuring that every individual finds a piece that resonates with their personal preference. Explore our incredible selection and discover the gemstone engagement ring that speaks to your heart.

a white gold ring featuring a halo set sapphire center stone


Symbolizing wisdom, virtue, and good fortune, deep blue sapphires have long been cherished for their rich, enchanting hues. These gemstones, exemplified by this Gabriel & Co. Lusso Color ring, offer a stunning alternative to traditional engagement rings. The deep blue of a sapphire represents loyalty and sincerity, making it an ideal centerpiece for a ring that marks a lifelong commitment. Its durability, second only to diamonds, ensures that it withstands the test of time. This makes sapphires not just aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful and practical for engagement rings.

a white gold ring featuring a bezel set, round cut blue topaz and diamond accent stones

Blue Topaz

Reflecting tranquility and clarity, blue topaz is another captivating choice for engagement rings, as showcased by this Lusso collection ring. Known for its calming energies, blue topaz symbolizes honesty, deep emotional attachment, and clarity of feelings. This gemstone, with its serene blue color, provides a refreshing alternative to traditional choices. Its affordability and durability make it an excellent option for those seeking a significant symbol of their commitment. This blend of beauty, symbolism, and practicality makes blue topaz an appealing choice for engagement rings.

a yellow gold ring featuring a round cut red garnet and two diamond accent stones


A gemstone steeped in rich history, garnet presents a captivating alternative to diamonds for engagement ring center stones. Revered since ancient times, garnets are found in a kaleidoscope of colors, from deep reds to vibrant greens. This diversity is splendidly displayed in the Gabriel & Co. Victorian ring. Symbolically, garnets are associated with passion, creativity, and enduring strength, aligning perfectly with the sentiments of love and commitment. Their deep, vivid hues and symbolic meaning make garnets an exceptional and meaningful choice for engagement rings.

a white gold ring featuring a diamond shaped black onyx center stone and a diamond halo


For the bride seeking a bold and edgy choice, black onyx offers an intriguing alternative to traditional diamond center stones. Its deep, intense color and smooth, lustrous finish provide a striking contrast in engagement rings, like this exquisite ring from Gabriel & Co.’s Art Moderne collection. Known for its strength and durability, black onyx is well-suited for daily wear. Its dauntless appearance appeals to those with a taste for adventure and a penchant for standing out, making it an ideal choice for an engagement ring that reflects a strong and confident personality.

a white gold ring featuring a round cut amethyst and diamond accent stones


Renowned for its captivating purple hue, amethyst offers an enchanting aesthetic for engagement ring center stones, as beautifully exemplified by this Victorian collection ring. This gemstone is not only visually striking with its range of purple shades, but also durable, making it suitable for everyday wear. Amethyst represents peace, protection, and tranquility, aligning with the essence of a harmonious marriage. Its rich color and meaning is perfect for brides seeking a blend of traditional elegance and hopeful vibrance in their engagement rings.

close up image of an engagement ring on someone’s finger that features a halo set blue topaz

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Discover engagement rings of exceptional quality and unique allure at Rottermond, featuring a variety of alternative center stones that cater to diverse preferences. At both our esteemed Milford and Brighton, Michigan jewelry stores, we're dedicated to helping you find the perfect ring to symbolize your love. Our custom design services enable you to create a piece that's as special as your relationship. For a truly personalized experience, request an appointment with our knowledgeable team members, and let us guide you through the journey of selecting your dream engagement ring.