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Bellissima: Custom-Designed Engagement Rings Just One Click Away

August 1st, 2019

Bellissima: Custom-Designed Engagement Rings Just One Click Away

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but are they really? Diamonds are a traditional choice, but they are by no means the only option. The only real constant when it comes to engagement rings these days is that they should be very beautiful. In Italian: Bellissima.

You may think that picking out a custom engagement ring is too complicated. It can be, if you’re not the type that likes to deal with a lot of details. With itemized decision making, it can take forever to settle on a final design with a trusted jeweler! But before you call it a day, consider a Bellissima engagement ring.

What You Can Expect from Bellissima

True to its name, this brand is known for exquisite jewelry designs. Bellissima is committed to providing excellent value and a wide range of choices in their catalog. Expect vibrant gems of all colors and kinds, cut into a wide variety of shapes and set in original styles.

Bellissima rings are available in 120 designs, which each have thousands of variations to choose from. You can combine different gems, having one as your center stone and another as your side or accent stones, and you can even choose the metal of your engagement ring setting, with options like palladium, platinum, sterling silver, and gold all being great options.

Rottermond Jewelers makes it possible to do all the customizing online at Bellissima’s Virtual Store, with each alteration only a click away. Images of your custom ring help you visualize the final product, too, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting. Related designs are also displayed once you pick one to start with, so you are aware of similar options.

Bellissima Custom Engagement Ring

Classic to Contemporary Jewelry Designs

Every person has their own ideal engagement ring. Whether it’s a definitive round flawless diamond solitaire in 18k yellow gold, or a trendy pink morganite in palladium, Bellissima can deliver.

But what if instead of narrowing your choices, the idea of customization gives you option paralysis? It can be confusing to look through hundreds of different designs, in dozens of different gem and metal combinations and settings. If this is what’s happening to you, it may help to search for engagement rings by style: Classic, Contemporary, Vintage, Organic.

  • Classic styles are tried and tested iconic ring designs, typically featuring round or princess-cut center stones. They’re traditional, elegant and chic.
  • Contemporary styles are more modern, often combining distinctive artistry with wear-and-tear practicality.
  • Vintage styles are for those that straddle the line between classic and contemporary. Of course a brand new ring can’t be truly vintage, but its design can be based on older jewelry designs. Edwardian era and Art Deco era rings are popular inspirations for vintage styles.
  • Organic styles mimic shapes found in nature. Expect delicate motifs involving leaf and flower shapes, among others.

Pick Out the Perfect Ring at Rottermond Jewelers

There are few fine jewelry retailers more knowledgeable and more trusted than Rottermond Jewelers.

More than being a jewelry authority, we also provide the utmost comfort and convenience to our customers. Apart from our brick and mortar locations in Milford and Brighton, we also offer Bellissima’s Virtual Store on our website for those looking to customize their ring with ease.

If you’re on the hunt for that quintessential engagement ring to take her breath away, look no further! Find the Bellissima ring for your bride at Rottermond Jewelers.