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2023 Honeymoon Destinations

March 15th, 2023

A newly wed couple stands in front of their getaway car before going to their honeymoon

Whether you are traveling internationally or looking to stay close to home, visiting a big city in the US or a beach town, your honeymoon destination should be one that suits the preferences and personality of both you and your partner. After all, this is the first trip you will be taking as a married couple, and is all about celebrating your love and union. We have put together a guide to some of the top honeymoon destinations we’d recommend in 2023.

A woman wearing multiple beaded bracelets holds a dandelion while looking over a Greek village on the coast


The Greek islands are captivating and distinctive. Clear blue waters are contrasted by clean white villages all along the coast. Everywhere you look there is a spectacular view, with teeming wildlife and tons of historic culture. Choose from deluxe suites and private pools or local restaurants and trips to the volcano. Whatever you decide to do in Greece, you are guaranteed to make wonderful memories.

An accessorized woman meditates on one of the beaches of Bali after a day of play


Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world. This Indonesian paradise is chock full of sightseeing and outdoor adventure spots. From pebble beaches to infinity pools, emerald jungles to island resorts, there is no shortage of experiences to be had here. While it is certainly a popular tourist destination, it managed to retain its authenticity and culture. Spend time at a luxury spa or relaxing in the water.

A woman wearing a white sundress and gemstone earrings enjoys the view of mountainous landscapes in Scotland


For a potentially quieter and less crowded trip, consider mystical Scotland. Miles of stunning, mountainous landscapes are verdant and inviting. Scotland also has some of Britain’s finest beaches if you’re looking for a timeless, relaxing beach vacation. Babbling rivers and dreamy streams are the stuff that dreams are made of.

A woman wearing hoop earrings and a cross necklace explores the sunny landscapes of Napa Valley

Napa Valley

Those with a passion for wine and sunny landscapes will certainly enjoy a romantic trip to Napa Valley. America’s wine country, try an exorbitant amount of some of the finest wines available, and even purchase to take home with you. There are also plenty of mud baths and hot springs that are a stone’s throw away from the bustling city of San Francisco and all the unique cultural experiences it has to offer.

A woman wearing a quirky necklace and glasses stands on a sidewalk in a downtown city in Michigan


It is our supreme pleasure to operate out of the great state of Michigan, serving the lovely and distinguished people of Milford and Brighton. We believe that Michigan is a phenomenal place to honeymoon, with plenty of sightseeing and activities to embark on. Take a romantic, once in a lifetime sailing trip with experienced sailors, explore exciting nightlife, celebrate the arts, and stay in a pristine hotel for a truly unforgettable experience.

A newly-wed couple cuddles together in the back of a limo as they travel to their honeymoon destination

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