Jewelry Insurance and Replacement

Insurance Replacement

We are certified appraisers and insurance replacement specialists. Rottermond Jewelers is currently working with many insurance companies such as Farm Bureau, Allstate, MEEMIC, Jewelers Mutual, AAA and others, giving estimates, helping to settle claims, preparing appraisals and helping you replace your lost items. We will work hard to add you to our list of satisfied customers.



We guarantee friendly, caring and professional service. Our staff has over 150 combined years of industry experience to help you and your insured settle your claim.


Our highly skilled on-site staff jewelers can fabricate or restore missing or broken jewelry quickly or re-create custom items on demand. This is a major advantage in the pleasant solution of claims for both you and adjusters.

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Do I Really Need Jewelry Insurance?

If you’re a homeowner or renter, you may know about insurance that covers your domicile. If you drive, you know about car insurance—and we’re all familiar with health insurance.

But common insurance policies don’t usually provide coverage for your keepsakes and jewelry. If you lose your jewelry or it’s stolen, the loss may be the end of the story for those who lack insurance specifically designed to cover jewelry. But you don’t have to be left holding the bag! Here at Rottermond Jewelers, we consider jewelry insurance an important part of the overall shopping process, and more than that, we work with the most prominent names in jewelry insurance to replace lost pieces.


Jewelry Insurance Claims and Replacement

Rottermond Jewelers is a certified appraisal and insurance replacement specialist. This means that, when your insurance company approves covering a replacement piece of jewelry, you can assign the project to us. We currently work with some of the most common names in jewelry insurance, including Farm Bureau, Allstate, MEEMIC, Jewelers Mutual, AAA, and many others. In fact, Rottermond Jewelers can deal with all insurance companies.

Additionally, our staff has over 150 combined years of industry experience to help you and your insured settle your claim.

When you work with us, we can help you with creating an estimate for your jewelry, assist when you’re setting a claim, preparing appraisals, and of course, replacing your keepsakes. Our goal is to ensure that our customers leave satisfied and with a replacement for their jewelry. We work hard to source an identical piece of jewelry from our in-stock selection, but even if we can’t, remember that Rottermond Jewelers is an expert at custom design. We can even sculpt your replacement piece from scratch!

For the sake of insurance claims, however, it’s important to have an up-to-date appraisal on hand. When your insurance company approves cutting a check for your replacement jewelry, they’ll base it on the current market value for the piece listed on the last appraisal. We suggest coming in once every two years to get a new appraisal done for your pieces to ensure that your jewelry is always valued properly.


Visit Rottermond Jewelers for All Your Jewelry Needs

Established in 1984, Rottermond Jewelers has become a fixture of the jewelry scene in the Huron Valley region. Our collections of jewelry and timepieces are peerlessly excellent, but it’s more than our showcases that make us trusted. Rather, it’s our services that have made our customers trust us. Our jewelry and watch repair services are unparalleled, and our custom design work continues to dazzle those who’ve worked with us. If you’re in need of a trusted jeweler to appraise your pieces or work with your insurance company to replace your jewelry, get in contact with us. Contact us at for any questions you may have!


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