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Birthstone jewelry has become highly favored over the years. Each month has either one or two birthstones that carry a deep significance and rich history behind it. The popularity of birthstones has roots in ancient times, due to the belief that these gems had special powers. Each stone is beautiful and distinct, which makes a piece of birthstone jewelry a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.


January’s birthstone is the vibrant garnet, representative of friendship and trust. This brilliant gemstone is unique because of the range of colors it can have, spanning the entire rainbow. Among this assortment, you will find a tantalizing blazing orange in the mandarin garnet, the regal green tsavorite garnet, and the signature pyrope garnet. 


Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February. This variety of quartz features a wide spectrum of mesmerizing hues in the purple family. Amethysts can range from a soft and feminine lilac color to a dynamic red hue or a mysterious deep violet. Amethyst carries valuable symbolism of spiritual healing, calmness, and wisdom.


The birthstone of March is enchanting aquamarine. Featured in folklore, many throughout history have believed aquamarine to be a symbol of youth and optimism. Much like the ocean, the tones evident in this gemstone contrast one another from the warm, lighter blue of the tropical seas, to electric blues of the depths of the Atlantic. As blue is the color of mediation, aquamarines are perfect for the transition from spring to summer.


April is a month of new beginnings, just as love stories are, and fittingly the birthstone of April is the diamond, the quintessential symbol of love. This stone is made to be gifted to someone beloved. Despite the classic nature of diamonds, there are a variety of options beyond the timeless white diamond, including colored diamonds in blue or pink hues. 


May’s birthstone, emerald, matches the tones associated with this month. This rich green stone is among the rarest in the world, and can mostly only be mined in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Zambia. Emeralds have been highly favored by many cultures over the centuries and recognized as the symbol of rebirth, love, and, believed by the ancient Greeks, to be Aphrodite’s favorite gem. Historical figures have embraced the stone as well, including Cleopatra, who reserved mines just for acquiring the emerald.


June has two birthstones—the elegant pearl. Pearls are often worn to portray sophistication and class, known for their unembellished natural beauty and pure white surface. Alexandrite, though extremely rare, is quite coveted due to its complex minerals which causes the gemstone’s color to change in different lighting. 


The heat of July is captured in its birthstone, the fiery ruby. The value of a ruby surpasses all other stones and only increases based on the color and quality of the individual gem. This vibrant red stone is believed to bring good fortune to anyone who wears it. It is believed to bring love, health, and wisdom. 


One birthstone of August— peridot—is a softer lighter lime green stone in comparison to May’s emerald. Ancient Egyptians referred to peridot as the “gem of the sun”. It is believed in many cultures to represent the power and influence of its wearer. Mined from the center of the earth, among lava and meteorites, the draw of the gemstone has not diminished in modern times. August has a second gemstone as well, a contrasting red spinel—often mistaken for a ruby. Spinel is stunning in all its colors, from cobalt blue to bright orange, but is most desired for its bold red hue.


The striking blue sapphire is the birthstone for September. Although most prominently found in a blue hue, there are also pink, yellow, and green sapphires. The unique symbolism associated with this gemstone is that it is believed to protect its wearer and surrounding loved ones as well. It also represents loyalty. Sapphire is absolutely breathtaking in elongated cuts.


The gemstones of October—tourmaline and opal—are colorfully diverse. Both stones are known for capturing the rainbow and reflecting it beautifully through any piece of jewelry. Tourmaline boasts the widest color range of any gem, showcasing multiple tones of every hue. While opal has a one-of-a-kind display of vibrancy that magically radiates as light passes through the stone’s surface. This dance of vivid colors evokes feelings of light and hope.


November has citrine and topaz as its birthstones. Citrine is believed to be a gift from the sun because of its warm color. Its tone appears to marry the bold yellow undertones of gold and the inviting tones of amber. The desirable topaz presents another shade of orange that is both regal and confident. Topaz is also popular in blue, pink, and yellow tones.


These cooler blue tones add color to the winter without feeling out of place. Tanzanite is one of the most coveted gemstones, varying in shape and size as well as tone. While zircon is available in other colors, its blue shade is highly favored in jewelry. Turquoise is a more misty, lighter blue hue speckled with pieces of the rock it formed within it for a more distinct glittering appearance.