Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Your partner’s engagement ring could very well be the most important jewelry purchase you make in your lifetime and our experts at Rottermond Jewelers have put together a guide to picking the ideal ring for them.

There are a plethora of things to consider when it comes to shopping for an engagement ring. As well as deciding on the characteristics of the ring itself, you will also need to set a budget, pick a jeweler, and more. Our experts at Rottermond have made a checklist to help make the process of picking this symbolic ring for your partner a bit easier.

Consider Their Aesthetic

Maybe one of the most important aspects of choosing an engagement ring for someone is to take their style, personality, and overall aesthetic into account. The engagement ring you choose should fit seamlessly into their everyday looks because this is a ring they will be wearing for a long time.

Choose A Center Stone

The center stone is the focal point of any engagement ring. Each cut creates its own unique aesthetic and determines the style of the ring. The most popular diamond cuts today are:

  • Round Cut - The round cut is the most popular cut of a diamond with over 75% of all engagement rings forged in this shape. The perfectly circular shape is timeless, elegant, and works well in any setting.
  • Princess Cut - This is the second most popular cut and is characterized by a distinctive square shape. The princess cut is modern and attention-grabbing.
  • Oval Cut - This oblong cut is dainty and feminine while creating a lot of radiant shine, all while elongating the finger or the wearer.
  • Emerald Cut - The emerald cut is characterized by a rectangular shape, reminiscent of the design staples of the art deco era.
  • Pear Shaped - Pear shaped diamonds are rounded on one side and pointed at the other and are often slightly elongated. This shape dates back to the Victorian era and gives the ring a vintage feel.
  • Marquise Cut - Similar to the pear shaped diamond, a marquise cut is pointed at both ends for a unique appearance.

Choose A Setting

The setting of your ring determines the overall aesthetic of the piece. A few popular rings settings to choose from include:

  • Solitaire Setting- As the name suggests, the solitaire setting allows the center stone to stand alone on the band without any other accent stones. This setting is perfect for those that prefer a minimalist aesthetic and can allow you to splurge a bit more on a larger center stone.
  • Three Stone Setting - This setting is characterized by a center stone flanked on either side by an accent stone. Traditional and timeless, the three stone setting is said to symbolize the past, present, and future of a relationship.
  • Side Stone Setting- Side stone settings include pavé, channel, and prong-set accent stones along the band of this ring. These settings add a bit more sparkle and visual interest.
  • Halo Setting - The beloved halo setting is stunning and dramatic. In a halo-set ring, the center stone will be surrounded by a halo of smaller stones to create more brilliance and to make the center stone appear larger.

Find A Jeweler You Trust

This step is essential. A jeweler such as Rottermond can make the engagement ring buying process a breeze by providing you with all of the information you need and applying their stylistic expertise and jewelry experience. If you are having trouble finding a ring, then a custom-designed ring that draws influence from your relationship and your partner’s aesthetic might be your best option.

Find Your Ideal Engagement Ring At Rottermond

Our highly knowledgeable and amiable team of personnel at Rottermond Jewelers will be more than happy to aid you and your partner through the process of purchasing this most important piece of jewelry. Visit our Milford and Brighton locations or contact us at info@rottermond.com for more information. You can also browse our inventory on our website today.


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