Tips For Layering Necklaces

Tips For Layering Necklaces

In recent years, necklace layering has become a far-reaching styling trend. It allows the wearer to create an eclectic and expressive focal point for any ensemble. Mix and match your favorite necklaces of varying lengths and styles for new combinations every day that are bursting with personality. We’ve compiled a list of tips for necklace layering that will help you achieve the ideal stack.

Pick A Focal Point

When creating a successful necklace stack, it is helpful to start with a focal point. This piece will draw the eye to the necklace ensemble. The focal point is typically not the shortest or longest piece but rests right in the middle of the stack and has eye-catching features such as a bold pendant, colorful gemstones, or expressive motifs.

Choose Varying Lengths

Compiling necklaces of varying lengths is the most important aspect of necklace layering. If all pieces are around the same length, they risk tangling and getting lost in one another. Pick pieces that rest at least an inch away from one another, so each piece is distinctly visible and can bring something unique to the look.

Choose Varying Weights

Necklaces of varying weights are essential for multiple reasons. For one, varying weights help to prevent tangling. If all necklaces in a stack are similarly delicate, there is an increased likelihood of tangles. Varying weights also allow for visually interesting contrast and movement. Pair delicate chains with small links with chunkier pieces featuring larger links to ensure each necklace can stand out clearly.

Choose Varying Texture

Texture adds an extra element of dimension and dynamism to a stack. Variety in texture is achieved by choosing pieces with varying types of polishes, engravings, tightness of links, etc. For instance, a fine, polished gold chain paired with a string of pearls and a chunky, matte chain would allow plenty of contrast and expression. Similar textures can feel repetitive and boring and defeats the purpose of necklace layering.

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