Guide to Wedding Band Finishes

Guide to Wedding Band Finishes

Wedding band finishes create unique textures and designs on men’s wedding rings that allow for grooms to highlight their personal aesthetics. Metalsmiths use traditional and modern techniques to give the surface of the wedding ring a distinct feel and appearance. Learn about each finish with this guide to understand the different options available before you pick out your wedding band.

Polished Finish

The polished finish is a classic, traditional finish. Polished wedding bands reflect light brilliantly and have a glossy surface. This finish is highly reflective and clear enough for one to see their appearance on the band. Rings with this finish are sleek and elegant. Keep in mind that a polished band will require pristine care and maintenance, as the smooth surface will show scratches easier than other finishes.

Satin Finish

Like the polished finish, the satin finish has a smooth surface. As the second most popular choice for wedding rings, a satin finish is revered for its even, discreet luster. Men’s wedding rings with this finish display an air of sophistication. While the surface is not as mirror-like as the polished finish, the satin finish also requires meticulous care to prevent scratches and marks from appearing.

Matte Finish

The matte finish’s sincere feel will appeal to those with a no-frills sense of style. Similar to the satin finish, rings that have the matte finish are more muted in tone and shine. The silken surface creates minimal reflection and results in a subtle ring that will complement exquisitely any outfit and occasion.

Brushed Finish

The brushed finish is another non-reflective finish, but distinguishes itself from the matte or satin finish with its unique texture. As the name suggests, the brushed finish is achieved by gently scratching the metal with a wired brush. This style is becoming increasingly popular as it is easier to maintain. Most scratches seamlessly fit in with the already textured surface.

Hammered Finish

A ring featuring a hammered finish is easily distinguished. This well-loved, contemporary finish features a surface dimpled by a special hammer wielded by jewelers to create a distinct texture. Afterward, a satin finish is applied to give it a non-glossy appearance. This results in a rustic feel that will be right at home on the hand of anyone that enjoys something with character and durability.

Sandblasted Finish

Sandblasted finishes are the newest finish to be added to a jeweler repertoire. The grainy appearance is created by blasting the surface of the ring with sand at a high velocity, creating a soft, grainy texture. Rings that use this finish do not scratch very easily and hide flaws on the surface more easily than other finishes.

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