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A platinum solitaire engagement ring sits on top of two wedding bands

Engagement Ring Frequently Asked Questions

Engagement ring shopping and ownership can be daunting. These romantic, valuable rings are meant to be worn for a lifetime. Their diamonds, precious metals, and complex metalwork make them as beautiful as they are esoteric. As a result, Rottermond receives many questions about care, settings, diamonds, and much more. Here are the most common questions people ask us. If you have a more specific question, call us to speak to one of our experts.

A newly-engaged woman shows off her princess-cut halo side stone engagement ring while wearing a red flannel

What Types of Engagement Rings Are There?

There are many different variations of engagement rings, each defined by its role in presenting a brilliant center stone. The most minimalist and popular setting is the solitaire. These rings showcase a center diamond with few accents, allowing a marvelous gemstone to steal the spotlight. However, designers have developed many ways to spruce up these rings using intricate metalwork and other details. Side stone rings are a step above solitaires, featuring gemstone accents surrounding the center stone.

Halo rings surround the center stone with a layer of brilliant diamonds. This ensures a fantastic and vibrant light display. Some of these rings have larger stones to evoke a solar effect. Meanwhile, three stone rings feature three center diamonds. The stone in the middle is usually the largest, but some exceptions exist. These are said to represent the past, present, and future of a relationship and are undoubtedly spectacular.

A pear-shaped diamond engagement ring with two halos and vintage details on the shank sits on a dark background

What Diamond is Right for Me?

There are a variety of diamonds out there exhibiting a myriad of unique qualities. The right diamond ultimately depends on your tastes and priorities. Unless you have a limitless budget, you’re going to want to look for diamonds sporting characteristics that are most important to you. To determine what’s most important to you, ruminate on the four C’s.

The four C’s are used by gemologists to grade diamonds. They are cut, carat, clarity, and color. The cut refers to the shape of the diamond. Many different cuts are available, such as round, princess, pear, cushion, and more. We have even written a diamond shape guide to help you choose. Carat measures the size of the diamond; larger diamonds are generally more expensive.

Clarity indicates the frequency of inclusions and blemishes a diamond has. The fewer, the better. However, these flaws can give a diamond a more distinctive look. Lastly, the ideal diamond is colorless, but most diamonds have a yellow-brown tint. Some people prefer yellow or brown diamonds, however.

Three friends compare their engagement rings, which vary in metals, stone cut, and design

What is the Difference Between Sterling Silver, White Gold, and Platinum?

While all of these precious metals exhibit a similar hue, they each have characteristics that make them distinct. Sterling silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other elements, especially copper. It has a lustrous shine and a rich gray color, perfect for accentuating outfits. Sterling silver is usually affordable, as its materials are more common than most other precious metals. Unfortunately, it can tarnish and dull in color.

White gold is an alloy of gold and white-hued metals like palladium. Often, rhodium is added for a spectacular shine. It is much more valuable than sterling silver and never tarnishes. White gold is stronger, too. Its main drawback is that, due to the rhodium plating, it must be taken to a jeweler occasionally to be redipped. Otherwise, its natural yellow color might come through.

Platinum is the most luxurious and valuable precious metal commonly used in fine jewelry. It has a brighter hue than white gold. Naturally strong, platinum does not need to be reinforced by other elements, so most platinum jewelry is almost entirely pure. It never tarnishes or needs to be redipped by a jeweler. While robust, platinum can still scratch.

After proposing during a picnic date, a man slips the engagement ring on his fiance’s finger to ensure it fits perfectly

How Do I Find Out My Ring Size?

It is crucial to wear a correctly sized ring. Rings that are too loose can slip off and get damaged, while pieces that are too tight can be uncomfortable or impossible to wear. One’s ring size can change over time, so it is essential to get a resizing done every so often. To get the most accurate measurement, it is ideal to go to a jeweler. You can also do at-home sizing in a pinch.

You will need a tape measure, a marker, and a ring size chart. The chart can be found online, but the others can be found at any general store. Pick a point on your finger and wrap the tape around it. Mark where the ends meet and correspond it with a chart. If you feel as though the tape measure will be too hard or uncomfortable, you can also use a thin string of yarn.

A woman with freshly-manicured white nails shows off her solitaire engagement ring at the nail salon

How Do I Take Care of My Ring?

Maintenance is an important part of jewelry ownership. Steps should be taken to bring out and maintain a ring’s best qualities. To do so, a ring should be cleaned and polished by a professional jeweler twice a year. They provide a thorough and extensive cleaning of the piece. In addition, you must also conduct weekly at-home cleanings.

To clean jewelry properly, get yourself some soap, a soft-bristled toothbrush, warm water, and a microfiber cloth. Mix the water and soap together in a bowl to create a cleaning solution. Soak the ring in the water for 40 minutes. Then, give the ring a gentle scrub with the toothbrush. Once it is all scrubbed and clean, gently dry it with a microfiber cloth.

A bride wears her gemstone engagement ring right before her wedding ceremony

How Do I Wear My Engagement Ring?

Most people wear their engagement rings on the left ring finger, as per a tradition originating in Ancient Rome. After the wedding vows, some wear their engagement ring alongside the wedding band. The engagement ring is usually placed on top of the band. When putting them on, many slip the band on first and the engagement ring after. However, some cultures dictate that the engagement ring is on the right hand. Ultimately, it depends on your tastes.

A man with tattoos proposes to his girlfriend on the shore of a lake while celebrating their anniversary

Why is Rottermond the Best Place for Engagement Rings?

For the best, head to Rottermond. We are Michigan’s premier jeweler, as per our fantastic selection of today's most beloved and desired designer brands. Our professional experts can even help you create your own engagement ring. From the gold to the diamond, you will be able to craft a ring that directly reflects your romance. Call our Milford showroom at (248) 685-1150 and our Brighton jewelry store at (810) 220-0015 to speak with us directly.

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